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MAMA - Monrhea x Shivangi Jain

MAMA - Monrhea x Shivangi Jain

MAMA, is a Swahili (and universal) word for Mother. This track represents a call to a mother from her daughter. The track also invites the listener to reflect on what the name or the characteristics of a mother means to them. Not only the qualities of a mother as the female parent, but thinking of our relationship with Mother Earth and the Divine Mother or feminine. Understanding their qualities and roles in our lives and the world as a whole can give us more space to build our relationship, our care, our respect and time to connect with Earth or Nature and to acknowledge and connect more with our spiritual mother. The hypnotic visuals themed with earthly colors and the experimental afro polyrhythmic nature of the audio provides the space and time to reflect on this. The female voice or the daughter calling her mother in the track represents us. As we seek guidance and help from our fathers in our lives and in our spiritual practices, call on to the mother too, to the Divine Mother, she has been waiting. This track was part of the African Electronic Diaspora compilation that brought together mostly electronic African or Afro descendant artists from the worldwide diaspora and artists based in their homelands. The aim of the compilation is to raise funds for various (inter)national NGO’s, anti-racism advocacy groups and organizations of black initiative, with all proceedings to be donated to these causes. Track name: MAMA Producer: [MONRHEA] Visuals by: SHIVANGI JAIN Label Release: REBEL UP RECORDS and SYRPHE
First music video with Bloom/Pool