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Global Solvers Accelerator, Melton Foundation | Fellow

My proposed project for this program is Satrangi Screen, which is a skill-development project for the LGBT*Q+ community based in New Delhi, India in collaboration with Garima Greh, a shelter home run by Mitr Trust CBO. It aims to foster creativity with respect to filmmaking and provide step-by-step mentorship to the residents of the home. The project will have focused sessions comprising (but not limited to) storytelling, shooting, editing and showcasing. 


I, along with 19 other social impact practitioners representing diverse world regions, backgrounds, and SDG endeavors, are about to embark on an exciting journey of deep learning, collaboration, and transformative action.

Melton Foundation received over 300 eligible applications from across the world and the candidate field was exceptionally strong.


United for Transgender Health | Co-Founder

UTH: UTH-United For Transgender Health is an organisation based out of India that aims to make healthcare non-discriminatory and accessible for the LGBTQIA+ community. UTH also engages in creative capacity building of the community. It was founded in June 2021 by Shivangi Jain and Dr Sakshi Mamgain. One of UTH’s paramount accomplishment is an ever-evolving repository of queer-affirmative healthcare providers across India. Our team engages with various shelter homes across North India, hosting sessions on a broad array of diverse interests, from mobile photography to menstruation in transmen. Through social media, UTH also serves as a platform to amplify the voices of queer and trans* artists from the Indian-subcontinent. We at UTH aspire to create safe spaces for all.

Knowledge Hub Fellowship with The YP Foundation and Empower

From 2020 to 2022, my team and I developed a comprehensive 84-page handbook called Queering Healthcare, a first of its kind detailed module from an Indian and South Asian context for anyone who desires to use medical school curricula and ecosystem to address the healthcare issues and disparities in access faced by the LGBT*QIA+ community.


Breast Cancer Hub | Session facilitator

In August 2022, BCH and UTH came together to substantiate the session on Cancer Awareness and Prevention with Dr Lopamudra Roy at Mitr Trust, an LGBTIQH+ community based organisation based in New Delhi, India. Breast Cancer Hub (BCH) is a GuideStar Platinum Certified, Top-rated 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit foundation, Registered in North Carolina, the USA in September 2017. Dr Lopamudra Das Roy, founder, and president of BCH, working as a Full-time pro bono voluntary service to execute the mission of BCH,focusing on Breast Cancer in Women, Men, and LGBTQ+ in addition to Other Types of Cancers, at the grassroots level.

Garima Greh, Mitr Trust | Session facilitator

Mitr Trust (CBO) is an LGBTIQH+ community based organisation based in New Delhi, India. With the members and residents of the home, I conduct several awareness sessions and capacity building workshops such as mobile photography, menstruation as a queer trans* person, cancer awareness, screening and risk factors.


India-Pakistan Artists’ Queer Collective | Organiser, Facilitator, Participant

Started a queer collective for South-Asian LGBT*QIA+ artists to bring them together in a post-colonial setup, sharing art and thoughts, building a community.

activism and advocacy

Landscape, Leh-Ladakh, USA | 2017

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